Functions with (Azure) Functions

Building useful tools, with Azure's Serverless computing infrastructure.

Azure launched Functions with not much fanfare, and even less documentation. Leaving it to users to figure out how it all fitted together. Which has been frustrating.

One of the most interesting aspects of Functions is that it allows you to loosely coupled, multi-language solutions. It can take all of the complexity out of message queues, and just let your application do what needs doing as the messages arrive.

We have a couple of solutions we're going to develop With Functions. Then we're going to start solving problems as we come across them.

The first problem we're going to solve is something that anyone who is familiar with running Virtual Machines on AWS is familiar with, and frustrated that it it doesn't exist on Azure

Virtual Machine Meta-data service

By taking the incoming IP address, and using stored credentials, we'll create a Function that will return that virtual machine's meta-data, such as resource group membership, vnet/subnet information, security groups. etc