and how to tame it...

Cloud computing is a large, interdependent group of technologies. It can be a difficult process to work out how to bring all of these services together to create a coherent reliable solution. This is compounded by the rapid development cycle of the major cloud platforms as they all try to bring new services to market to keep themselves competitive.

On Azure this becomes doubly difficult because of the patchy coverage that a lot of their documentation covers. Often the only interface available is a few undocumented PowerShell commendlets or JSON templates.

This can make the first interactions with Azure a daunting and intimidating process. Even for someone who is seasoned with Operations or Development roles the on-ramp to Azure can be extremely steep.

Help for Azure can be difficult to obtain. Knowing the exact terminology to search for can be the biggest part of the problem.

That is the idea that was created to solve. So there is somewhere people can come and ask questions, and get put onto the right track.